About Quantum Bio-Energy Resonance

Did you know that every cell and organ in our body has its own frequency? The early Russian Federal Space Agency often launched missions that required astronauts to be in outer space for months. Under such conditions, the astronauts seldom had access to proper medical treatment. The Russian agency spent billions of dollars for many years to find a solution to this problem. They studied people of different races and ages and ran a series of tests to determine that every organ and cell in our body has its own frequency. This frequency ranges between 1.8Hz to 8.2Hz.

Simply put, the researchers found out that each organ has its own frequency. The heart has a frequency of 2.6Hz, the liver 4.9Hz, and the kidney, 6.6Hz. If an astronaut felt uncomfortable, they could make use of a special machine that resonates waves to restore organs back to their right frequency. For example, if an astronaut had any kind of heart discomfort, they could resonate waves to restore the astronaut’s heart back to its right frequency.

QBER follows the opto-magnetic resonance principle stated by the 1966 Nobel Prize in Physics, Alfred Kastler. QBER found a way to change the frequency of things. By making use of QBER’s technology, any object’s frequency can be changed to match the range of our organs frequency (1.8Hz to 8.2Hz). QBER products resonate with our bodies to restore our organs to their right frequency. QBER products also help reduce the negative effects caused by electromagnetic waves around us by enhancing our bioenergy field.

QBER’s technology has a different approach than traditional physics. Any kind of material in any state of matter can have its frequency changed by QBER’s technology. Any industrial product can make use of QBER’s technology to increase its value. QBER offers OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) services. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

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